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Obsessions | Dan Chandler & Thai Food

October 11, 2020

Ep. 12 Obsessions | Dan Chandler & Thai Food

Dan Chandler is the frontman for the band SEX SWING... comprising members of implicitly trusted yet sonically nefarious outfits Mugstar, Part Chimp, Earth, Dethscalator & Dead Neanderthals.

"If you're a Thai Restaurant in this country, you can kind of get away with not using the real ingredients as most people don't know what they're eating... they are like... it's a bit spicy, it's a bit hot, it's a bit unusual, its got coconut milk in it. They're happy... and I think for the restaurant to make something truly authentic or real would be really expensive and wouldn't really be that popular... some of the dishes might put a few people off. I was cooking a soup the other day that had ants eggs in it... that's not something that would go down well on the high street."

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